Do not delete authentication settings on master driver change

I had spent a couple of hours trying to get my AD settings correct. In the end I still managed to break something and changed the drive back to local DB to verify that I didn’t somehow hose my whole install.

When I changed it back to LDAP auth, ALL my settings were gone. If it was trivial to setup LDAP authentication, I wouldn’t mind so much, but the setup process is very complicated and completely unintuitive, requiring me to reference multiple documents and crosscheck against manifest.xml files, so having lost all that work is incredibly frustrating.

Hi lisa,
I understand your concern, but not sure of how we could implement that actually. Changing the settings do changes the setting, so there is no history.
That said, there might be one option : whenever your change these core settings, the data/plugins/boot.conf/bootstrap.json file is backed-up once as bootstrap.json.bak : so it’s only a 1-version history but maybe next time you can simply backup this file manually before making changes.
If you want to revert to a given version, replace the file and clear the cache (data/cache/plugins_.) before reloading the interface.