Directory Service migration?


We are using pydio on site with a current authentication backend to an Open Directory LDAP (former Apple directory services).

We are now moving on Active Directory and I would like advices regarding the directory migration without dataloss.

The LDAP schema is different, the usernames too, the DN too…

What kind of API / batch update could I do to convert legacy identities to new identities and so avoid users loosing their data?

Thanks in advances for your ideas on this.


The easy solution is use an external attribute on AD to store old login id of OpenDirectory. Because when pydio do the authentication, it translates the login id from an attribute to user’s dN, then bind(dN, password).

Is there a full documentation of the login process? Is the initial ID saved in the database and only that will be used as common ID? If so, doing a mass update of existing ID in SQL could help us to move from OD to AD here?

The initial ID is saved in the DB in for roles, rights and, unfortunately, in php serialized format
I’ve never done this way.

Is there a full documentation of the login process?
There is no docs, it’s just a feasible work-around

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