Disable watch_read from meta.watch plugin

I’m trying to disable the ability to monitor files/folders for accessing/reading them, but keep the watch-change feature.
My client wants his customers only to be able to watch the changes made to files and not the reading of files.

I’ve already tried to disable several occurances of watch-read in /usr/share/pydio/plugins/meta.watch and considered to delete the cache too but still no effect on the functionality.
It would be enough to hide the subcontextmenu-button of the function, but I couldn’t find any class or ID.

Does someone have a hint for me where I have to look?

Best regards

hi @netco,
Look for the actions inside the manifest file of the meta.watch plugin.
You should be able to disable the action that appears in the menu

Hi Charles,

thanks for the answer, but I could not get it to work.
I just want to deactivate a submenu-item, “watch_read”.
In the manifest.xml, the submenu is included via

     <dynamicBuilder module="WatcherActions.Listeners.dynamicBuilder"/>

I found the dynamicBuilder in ./res/build/WatcherActions.js and in ./res/js/WatcherActions.js and tried to comment the watch_read-block out, but it didn’t work (plugin cache was deleted).
I just deactivated the whole block:

           alt:MessageHash["meta.watch." + (n.isLeaf()?"10":"10b")],
           isDefault : (metaValue && metaValue == "META_WATCH_READ"),
           image:ResourcesManager.resolveImageSource('meta.watch/ICON_SIZE/watch'+((metaValue && metaValue == "META_WATCH_READ")?'':'_faded')+'.png', '',  22),

Any hints?