Save button disabled in firefox (under linux) when editing a share

when I want to edit a share I cannot save changes as the save button is disabled. It is greyed out, I cannot click. The problem only occurs in firefox 62 under linux (archlinux). I also tested under Windows 10 and it goes fine.

could you give me your Pydio version, the os that the server is using and if you are on pydio 8 your php version?

I’m on a shared hosting.
here are the details:

  • pydio version : 8.2.1
  • php version: 7.0.32
  • server os: probably Cloudlinux 6 Hybrid

it could be a caching issue, with my firefox version

|Name |Firefox|
|Version |62.0.2|
|Build ID |20180920131237|

it works just fine.

Clear your cache and/or retry with an incognito tab.

Good guess.
Clearing the cache did not work but opening a private tab made it work fine.

it could be that you have caching still present,
you could try to clear the data for your browser by going on your pydio and opening the developer console then

right click and delete for each of them if there is any data.

Thanks for investigating Zayn,
I deleted all datas as you said but no success :frowning: