Add watch feature to workspaces


I added watch metadata to my shared folder to monitor the downloads.
I am not getting any notification when an external user download a file. am I missing some setting here?


Hi dude,

To get notification, you have to configure the sendmail. Did you do it ?

you can monitor the modifications on those files or if users opened them, with the right click menu > watch for > modification or consultation or both


Thanks for your reply,
yes, the notification is working. in fact I do get notifications when I share a folder and every time someone access the folder, but that is by activating (Notify me when content is accessed or change) . But this is not what I am after. I want to be notified when some one download a file. fore that I am using watch metadata > consultation and my pydio version is 8.0.2 and it should work.


yes I have done that, but still does not work. is there anything that I need to activate for it to work. thanks!