Pydio notifications to admin user possible?

Hi @all,

I am working on ca Pydio 8.2.1 installation on Centos 7. I try to do the following:

there is a fileserver with a global share for user home directoys. In this share are several other directorys for specific users.

In Pydio I have a workspace where I use the AJXP_USER variable for pointing to this specific directory. Everything seems to be fine.

Now I want to generally activate watches and notifications for ALL folders within the share for the admin user, so that this user can see if something happend.

For this I create another workspace only for the admin user and point to the share on the fileserver. In pydio the user can see all directories and surf through them. But it seems, that the watch and notfications does not work like expected.

Is it possible to get mails oder other notifications for everything a user does in his “homedir”?

when you say an user un own workspace you mean his “my files” you want as an admin to have access to what is happening in it ?

no, I do not mean “my files”. I have created an workspace with the samba driver. For the user I used the URI sharedfolder/AJXP_USER so they see only their woking directory with the Name of the User.

For the Admin I created a new worspace with the URI sharedfolder so that he can see all userdirectorys. Now I want that the admin user - who can access every userfolder via workspace - is able to be informed when a user is accessing, changing files.

You can put a watch on the master workspace or on specific workspaces and you will then be informed via notifications ( or mail if you configured that ) whenever there is an event on those.

To do that you can right click on any folder or even workspace ( you can also do that on the left menu ) and then choose watches you will have the choice between 2 type ( they’re pretty straightforward ).After that you should be notified whenever an event occurs on them.

thanks for your reply. I tested it like you describe. I create a new workspace on the top level of the samba share. I can see every Userfolder an select “watch” for both options. How pydio knows about any changes in the upper folders when a user ist working on it? Do I have to run indexing manually?