Delete files older than x days


is it possible to delete files older than i.e. 5 days automatically from pydio-side for all created user’s ?
I know i could do this via the linux system and a cronjob but, the deleted files will be still shown in the user webinterface. No versioning of files is enabled/configured - the uploaded file itself should be deleted.


Hello @mprofil,

Could you give me the following information:

  • Pydio version (Cells or 8)
  • Os
  • Storage type (if you are using SMB, etc…)

Pydio Cells Home Edition v1.6.1
Ubuntu 18.04.LTS (latest)
Files are shared locally

Hello @mprofil,

If you delete something from the file system directly you must run a resynchronization right after otherwise the index database is not updated and the file will still be displayed on the web ui.

If you want to have a cron job for that you can, for instance make use of the cells-ctl client to run the sync command with the CLI and add it do your cron job,
to resume your cron job will delete the files and then run a sync (./cells-ctl data sync).

You can find the client here Index of /pub/cells/release.

With root-user:

cd /home/pydio
chmod +x cells-ctl
./cells-ctl data sync
Resync Failed: {"id":"go.micro.client","code":500,"detail":"none available","status":"Internal Server Error"}
[Time taken :  101.23905ms]

su - pydio #change to user pydio

./cells-ctl data sync
Resync Failed: {"id":"go.micro.client","code":500,"detail":"none available","status":"Internal Server Error"}
[Time taken : 101.310147ms]

I do start pydio with supervisor - is that the problem?

Are you running the ctl as the same user that is running Cells?
Here is also the complete resync command (dependng on your datasource you can replace the pydiods1 by the datasource of your choice)
./cells-ctl data sync --service

I’m using systemd assuming it behaves the same way on my side it is working.

Yes - supervisor starts pydio with the user pydio.
As above already posted, i tried to start the sync with pydio user - without success…

But with your command it seems to work.
I just needed to change pydiods1 to personal

./cells-ctl data sync --service
Resync Triggered.
Result: {"MissingLeft":1,"MissingRight":0}
[Time taken : 145.106395ms]

Is it possible to clean the “activity list” (folder-activity) as well?

Thank you!