Another Versioning question

Hey, I have noticed on our Cells 2.0.8 server that there are numerous versions files in the “versions” folder that have timestamps older than 30 days. We have configured all of our datastores with “30 days max”, does this not mean that all versions should be deleted after 30 days? Does an active share link delay this or could it be something else preventing the auto-deletion?



Hello Scott,
Normally the 30 days max should remove all after 30 days. Do you see the “Cleaning versions file” task in the scheduler? We’ll recheck versioning

Actually, “versions pruning” ( = removing unwanted ones) is currently triggered when a new version is created. So if you have not touched the files since more than 30 days, it’s logical to find versions that can be older than this date. If you modify the file again, a new version will be created, and the oldest ones should be removed.