Cells purging question

Hey, we’ve been trialling Cells for a while now and have noticed files are not being purged. The retention policy is set as “30 days max”. The documentation doesn’t say I need to setup a cron job as I had to do for Pydio v8 so I assumed it would do its thing automatically. Am I missing something?

Hello @scott.bentley,

If you are referring to the versioning, then you should have only the last 30 versions of a file(one for each 30 previous days).

To make sure that I understood your request, You wish for the files that are 30 days old to be Deleted forever from your Cells?

Thanks @zayn,

Yes, we want the file to be permanently deleted. We do not use the product as a file management tool and specifically do not want users storing tons of documents forever. Our use-case is to provide file transfer and limited collaboration between staff and clients. Purging files regularly is necessary to (a) relieve staff from having to remember to do it themselves and (b) ensure we aren’t using any more disk space than absolutely necessary for our use-case purposes.