Collabora 24 upgrade issue

Hi all,
I am running Pydio Cells Home Edition 4.4.0 and have integrated Collabora.
The collabora version so far has been 23, collabora just released version 24
and I tried to upgrade.
After upgrade all document that I try to view just shows up as a blank white page.

The error message I find in pydio.log is:

Error in libreoffice reverse proxy: context canceled    {"error": "context canceled"}

Unfortunately I had to restore the previous version as the platform is being used so I can not show any more info.

Does anybody has a hint on how to solve this issue?

Many thanks in advance!!

Hi @marcux

I can confirm that collabora 24 work correctly with cells v4.4.0

You may apply again the change in the container such as bypassing self-signed certificate?

Thanks @Cuong_Tran,
Then I know that it should work.
I will give it another try when we have a “quite” period.