[Solved] Can't get Collabora working with Cells

Hey, I’ve set up cells on Centos 7 using nginx as a reverse-proxy and used RPM versions of Collabora CODE to set up that capability after a lot of wrangling. Now that journalctl isn’t reporting any startup errors, whenever I try to edit a document, I get a blank interface and don’t see any documents (pictured below). What am I doing wrong?

Hello @aldo-m,

Could you please show me your reverse proxy configuration (do not forget to hide the sensitive information).

You might have forgotten the proxy rule for collabora, here is a sample of an Apache (you could take hints for your Nginx configuration) one that could help you https://pydio.com/en/docs/kb/devops/running-cells-behind-apache-reverse-proxy

So, I resolved this problem myself: it was an issue with collabora configuration, specifically with the certificate SSL domain. For anyone else who encounters this issue, I made this work by using the FQDN for everything (not “localhost”). Here’s the line from /etc/loolwsd/loolwsd.xml:

<server_name default="" desc="Hostname:port of the server running loolwsd. If empty, it's derived from the request." type="string">yourserver.com:9980</server_name>

My nginx config looked like:

listen       9999 ssl;
server_name  yourserver.com;
# static files
location ^~ /loleaflet {
    proxy_pass https://yourserver.com:9980;
    proxy_set_header Host $http_host;

and then pointed my collabora plugin to use SSL on yourserver.com port 9999.