No sign of Cells trying to open document in Collabora

Describe your issue in detail

Trying to open an existing (empty) .odt document, a grey window with a loading-icon appears, and in a couple of seconds the cells-menu returns. Monitoring port 9980 and port 443 with tcpdump (-i any) I see no activity. When requesting port 9980 externally (or using curl) I see activity, and also when requesting port 443 with one of the proxy-source-destinations for apache.
Collabora-online settings:

  • Libre Office uses SSL: Libra Office SSL checked
  • Use TLS without validating the certificate: Skip Certificate Verification checked
  • Libra Office Host - Host for Libra Office: (actual host name)
  • Libra Office Port - Port for Libra Office: 9980

What version of Cells are you using?

Pydio Cells Home Edition V. 4.2.5
Collabora/code docker: “OciVersion”: “1.0.2-dev” (same host)

What is the server OS? Database name/version? Browser name or mobile device description (if issue appears client-side)?

RockyLinux 9.1

What steps have you taken to resolve this issue already?

  • Try different parameters in Cells Collabora Online Settings - including version 6 and version > 21
  • Tcpdump
  • Observe /var/log/httpd/ logs (nothing there except when I try manual connections)
  • Docker logs (nothing there except when I try manual connections)
  • Cells Server Logs (but don’t know what to expect)
  • Observe /var/cells/logs/- files, but don’t know what to expect

Given the symptoms above, I conclude that for some reason Cells is not trying to connect to or redirect my session to Collabora. What am I missing?

hello @jafeng

The configuration of collabora + cells + reverse proxy is not trivial

I hope this schema can help you identify the problem

At each node, you can use specific urls for testing.