cmd.GetApiClient undefiend, there is no function GetApiClient

Hi folks,

I use cells v3 community version but I think it is not important for my issue.
I want to delete files older than x days.
I tried to use the go snippet from Zayn in the post Cells purging question - #8 by
from Jun 2020. I get a compile error using cmd.GetApiClient that there is no GetApiClient defined.
In the descriptions from and github I can’t see any defenition from GetApiClient.
How can I get an connect to the cells service to delete files. Better, how can I delete files older than …
Any help or hints for me?
An advance thank you very much.
Best regards

Good morning,

is there any help for me?

hi Gregor
you should have a look at cells-sdk-go/ls.go at main · pydio/cells-sdk-go · GitHub
the SDK slight changed since the 2020 post…

Hello Charles,

thank you for your answer. But I can not find this package path GitHub - pydio/cells-sdk-go: Golang client for Pydio Cells rest API.v4/

What is my misunderstanding?

In advance thank you very much

To ease our maintenance processes, we recently “moved” back the v4 at the root of the github repository.

Yet, it is still referenced as in go thanks to the go.mod file.

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