Change Default Workspace File Paths

I have the need to localize file repositories based on region. For example, I would like US based users (internal and external) to use one file repository for default workspaces (My Files, etc), and our UK based users to use a My Files workspace on a file server local to them. What is the best way to accomplish this?

Windows Server 2012 R2 Std
PHP 7.1
Pydio 8.2.2

you could create yourself a new myfiles repository and for instance name them ‘myfiles(uk/us, you can omit this part)’

  • Create a new workspace named 'my-files-(us or uk, etc…)
  • choose a remote driver (sftp, etc…) pointing to your localized server
  • choose a path such as /myworkspace/AJXP_USER
  • and then you create a role or group named US and you only give access to this my files to the users localized in the US

you repeat the steps for each localization and they will each have their own repository (the example is about myfiles but you can do it for everyone repository)

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Hi Zayn,
Thanks for the fast reply. I believe I have this partly working.

I have a workspace created using the standard FS driver. Since Pydio is on Windows Server 2012 and IIS, I don’t think I need SAMBA installed on the server

On the app pool, I’ve modified the permissions to run as a domain user account and gave that account permissions on the shared folder.

In pydio, the workspace path is formatted as //remote server IP address/share name/personal/AJXP_USER

I’m creating the folder with 0777 mask (not sure that works since it’s windows)

So it creates the username folder in the location ok. I get a recycle_bin folder created, automatically.

Now the strange part: I can create and delete folders within Pydio in that remote workspace. But when I upload a file, I get the uploader process error with “Empty Response”, and in the log I get an error with message=fopen(/ipaddress/sharename/folder/myuserfolder/filename.ext): failed to open stream: No such file or directory.

I’m assuming creating a folder is using a different process than uploading a file?

could you take a look at php logs when you upload and show me the content,
you might as well change your pydio on debug mod (if you’re not on production) so that we can get a stack of the error when you upload .

Go to conf/bootstrap_context.php .
Switch this line to true : 

define("AJXP_SERVER_DEBUG" , true);