Cannot find workspace with id null

I was trying some stuff on a fresh install of Pydio 8 on Ubuntu 16.04.
All was great, but after I made some workspaces and managed some files into them, now I cannot succesfully create new workspaces anymore. I get the error in object. Workspace is listed in settings/workspaces but not in Home. What could I check for?

the folders that your workspaces are pointing to, could you tell me what are the rights & user on them.

They should be with user www-data and rights 775

I always used basic steps to create new workspaces:

  • Driver
  • File System Standard
  • set path as AJXP_DATA_PATH/folder_name
  • set Label
  • nothing else changed

But now I get the error in object. The only things I have changed are the upload size and max file size in php.ini
Maybe I need to reset defaults?