Cells server recommendations please


We think the server’s hard drive may be on it’s way out and we’re thinking of rebuilding the server and migrating from Pydio Core to Cells while we’re at it. Currently the OS, all the servers, clamav and the backup service are all running on the same disk! And it’s swapping out 100’s MB to the same disk! Ideally we’d like to go to an SSD for OS and some kind of RAID for the document source, repository I think Cells calls it.

But, we have no experience of setting up a machine like this. So we are reaching out to the community for help and advice on the best configuration to use, including processor and RAM. Hardware box? Most off the shelf NAS boxes seem to run a variant of Windows 2012. But it’s 2020 now. What do you consider the optimum set up? And how did you achieve it?

Many thanks,