Pydio Cells hosted on my Workstation: direct access to files?

Looking for a home solution to continuously backup certain folders on smartphones, have file picker access to 4TB+ files/photos when I’m on the road (without having to sync 4TB to my devices) and share files with others outside of my environment.
Trying to stay away from NextCloud/OwnCloud (prefer as lightweight and non-bloated as possible).

I had already fired up Seafile docker instance when I realized Seafile would never work in my situation:

My homeserver (Ubuntu based) is also my workstation PC. This means I want to have direct access to my files, and edit photos etc. Seafile uses its own block storage, meaning it would copy all 4TB on my HDDs to its own block storage on the same HDDs, requiring twice the space available. And I will only be able to access those files via Seafile client, webDAV etc (on the same machine).

There is not much written about Pydio online (compared to Own/NextCloud and Seafile). I want to know if with Pydio (Cells) are you able to maintain direct access to your files? Meaning if I modify files on the server, for example I edit photos, delete them, create new ones, Pydio will show the current situation when I login with my phone or laptop?

Hello, @zilexa

To answer this question if you modify data directly on the filesystem you also need to run a resync, that will update the index (which we use to keep track of all the underlying nodes).

If you modify the data through our webui, apps, clients you do not need to handle this.