Cells-ctl data sync (1.2.5)

When I run: “./cells-ctl data sync” I get the following error:

Resync Failed: {“id”:“go.micro.client”,“code”:500,“detail”:“none available”,“status”:“Internal Server Error”}
[Time taken : 102.336273ms]

I get the error with or without specifying a source. Ideas?


Cells: 1.2.5

could you confirm me that this command does not work as well,
./cells-ctl data sync --source=pydiods1.

Hi, same result:
Resync failed, code 500
Cells: 1.2.5
Cells-ctl: 1.2.5

it seems that there might be an issue, i will do some more testing.
I will come back to you once i have an answer on that.