[SOLVED]Pydio Cells Synchronization

What are some of the solutions to synchronizing Pydio Cells that people are using besides manually synchronizing through the client?
Is there a way through the REST API?
My concern is if I move a file into a Cell with the intention of sharing that file isn’t going to be found by REST API calls or via the client until the datasource is manually synchronized or until Pydio Cells is restarted.

Hello @Dustin,

You can make use of the cells-ctl client

./cells-ctl data sync --service pydio.grpc.data.sync.pydiods1

the last part pydiods1 is the name of your datasource.

You can also make use of the REST Api by making a call to the scheduler job to run a resync

  • Method PUT
  • URL: http://example.com/a/jobs/user
  • Body: