Sync DataSource


When I upload a file by ftp, it doesn’t sync in the pydio web interface.
I need to go to /settings/admin/scheduler and manually refresh the datasource.

Is this intentional or a bug?
Can I tell the scheduler to Sync DataSource every 5 minutes for example ?
Or better, Sync Datasource when I click on the refresh icon in the web interface.

Thanks !

Hello @lubovic,

you can make use of the cells-ctl client to resync a datasource if put data directly on the datasource (without going through the webUI).

You can download the cells-ctl matching your cells version and then run the following command by just modifying pydiods1, to your datasource-name.
Then you could script that to your ftp uploads to make sure that everything is in sync.

./cells-ctl data sync --service
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Awesome! It’s working so nice.
Thanks a lot!

Just for the record, during the last adjustments of the API before v2.0, we have merged all useful commands from cells-ctl directly in the main cells CLI.

So as from the 2.0.0-rc2 to launch a resync from your shell, you should now do:

./cells data sync --service
# or even, with the new flag:
./cells data sync --datasource pydiods1