Error 'context cancelled' when attempting to sync large datasource

Hello all,

So I’m having an issue, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to resolve it, or if I need to upgrade the hardware I’m using. I’ve setup Cells on a RPi4 2GB, and although the client seems to be working fine in regards to uploading and accessing small batches of files, I’ve transferred a large chunk of data directly on the datasource (about 1TB, mounted from an external drive via USB), and I’m seemingly unable to fully run a sync to incorporate this data so that the client is able to see the files. Whether I use the admin interface or the command line (cells admin datasource resync), I’m getting a ‘context cancelled’ error when the sync hits the 1 hour mark.

Is there something I can do to fix this, instead of manually uploading small batches of the datasource via the web interface so that the system can perform multiple resyncs until all the data has been added (which will take an age), or am I being limited by the hardware I’ve chosen? When the resync happens, the CPU is quite high but is nowhere near the total capacity, and the RAM usage remains rather low. Just wondering if there’s a setting somewhere that will allow the sync to progress past the 1 hour mark and just left to take as long as it needs.

Thanks in advance for any help provided.

Please disregard. While I tried all sort of commands to resolve this, the fix was very simple. I just copied most of the files to another folder outside the Cells directories then copied the folders back into the datasource directory a few at a time. The sync is now running as it should. Happy as a clam.

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