Cells API - Method Not Allowed

I am currently use Pydio Cells Home edition however I am not the administrator and so I am utilizing the Pydio Cells Demo on https://demo.pydio.com/ to test out it’s API capabilities. Currently when needing to create a link to public shared links in order to download files I have to manually move the files over to Pydio. My goal is to use the Pydio API to do this programmatically however I keep getting a response stating Error 405 ‘Method Not Allowed’.

I’m currently using Postman to test the API capabilities before moving this into my .NET application. Below are the API methods I keep getting this error. These methods do NOT state that they are Enterprise ONLY and so I’m confused. Is this due to the demo not allowing these methods?

I can successfully call many API methods such as:

However the methods I believe I am needing keep returning Method Not Allowed which I’ve added below:


What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any assistance you can provide. I’ve been working on this for two days and have made zero progress.

I discovered the error of my ways. Each new call I created within Postman I was duplicating and simply saving as a new call however I failed to update the Type of call from GET to POST. All the methods I am receiving ‘Method Not Allowed’ was due to my using a GET where I should have been using POST. Rookie mistake.