Can't add a custom filename to a presigned put request

Here is my SO question:

I haven’t seen any issues on the aws-sdk-go repo so the problem may be with the pydio-cells side. If I try to SetContentDisposition("attachment; filename=\""+fileName+"\"") to my PutObjectInput for a presigned request, the PUT request always fails. If I leave that out, the request passes but the filename has url encoded strings in it, i.e. %20 for spaces. Has anyone had that problem with the s3 API or aws-go-sdk?

Hi @IanPhilips
Coming back on this, we had a similar issue with urlencoding (%20 instead of spaces) with the aws-sdk in Android, and we had to hack this sdk for fix it, as it was double-encoding the filename. Can you maybe try to use the client lib instead of aws-sdk-go ? It’s more or less a drop-in replacement.
Or if you stick to aws-sdk-go, maybe try to make real PutObject operations, without using Presigned?