Request signature we calculated does not match (bis) [chunked-upload]

Same as these (which, sadly, were automatically closed before obtaining an answer):

After further investigation we found that “small files” (under the 100 MB) upload successfully.
But as soon as a file needs chunking we starting getting the AWS upload error.

@charles ? (Pretty sure it’s a common and easily reproducible [still, very annoying] bug)

Hi Raf,
can you tell (again?) more about your proxy. This is 99% of the time an issue with the request Host header being carried out through a proxy.

No proxy (except Cloudflare). It’s all within cells Go binary (including SSL), no Apache nor Nginx nor docker involved.
(Is there a ./cells command to dump the internal httpd configuration if that’s of any use for you?)

ping :wink: @charles
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sorry @drzraf :slight_smile: Covid is hitting the team …
How do you access to the instance, with an IP or a domain ? In the latter case, did you properly configure the external URL with cells configure sites?

Confirmat quod non necat.

cells is using a domain-name (and everything is working fine except chunked-upload)
I never ran cells configure sites since I upgraded from a previous v2 version where this command was not necessary.

I think my installation was:
cells install --bind --external --le_email --le_agree true

But running now ./cells configure sites gives

The following sites are currently defined:
| # |               BIND(S)    |     TLS      |             EXTERNAL UR  |
| 0 | | Lets Encrypt | |

Regarding DNS,
resolveip resolves to Cloudflare addresses.

And my /etc/hosts mostly only mentions: localhost pydio

On eth0 I added a eth0:1 alias (as mentioned at Unable to successfully run Cells 3.0 / Websocket error / Internal Server Error - #3 by soderberg)

Sadly, since cells is handling it’s SSL decryption itself I can’t hook and provide you tcpdump/unencrypted traffic/HTTP headers as received by it (unless there is a built-in detailed logging mechanism inside cells)

Can you change the external to without port?
Can you start once in debug mode to print out the caddy config ?

Dear charles,
Thank you for the hint. I updated to 3.0.5 (from 3.0.1) and changed this setting.

I think it solved this problem. I’m now beaten by two others problem I’ll report in another post.

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