FIXED - Workspaces not loading for most users

Pydio v.8.0.2, Ubuntu Server 17.10, Apache, PHP 7.1.8

AD Primary authentication, SQL DB Secondary authentication. Workspaces are a NFS mount to a NAS on my local network.

Pydio was working perfectly fine for a month or so. One day all users but 1 AD user would login and the work space would not load. Local admin account can not log in at all.

The 1 AD account that functions properly is a standard account, no admin privileges.

When a user logs in the only thing that displays is the background image. If I refresh the page I get the following error.

The following link is a screenshot of the AD user account that is working properly. Pydio has no issues with the NSF mount.

The Pydio >> Settings >> All plugins >> Access Driver >> Welcome page (access.ajxp_home) was accidentally disabled. Try to enable it via GUI or in Database

I do not have an admin account that can login correctly. So how would I enable it the database? In the ajxp_plugin_configs table there is:

access.ajxp_home and the ajxp_plugin_configs-configs.bin file is a:1:{s:19:“AJXP_PLUGIN_ENABLED”;b:0;}

I was able to make an existing user a site admin in sql. I followed c12simple instructions and I am still having the issue.

Ok I fixed the issue. I had to log into the GUI with the one admin account that was working. I then went to manage users and deleted the AD user accounts that were having the issue and it it working now. :grin: