Cannot start cells after installation

I’m trying to install pydio Cells on a remote server running Ubuntu 18.04.5 through SSH. I have followed the installation guide to the letter, but now when I try to start it a few processes start, then it says:
runtime/cgo: pthread_create failed: Resource temporarily unavailable
SIGABRT: abort
After that it gives what looks like a very long dump and crashes. A lot of the entries are related to gorroutine s. My first thought was the ulimit, I already ran ulimit -n 8192.
I saw a similar thread from last year about it but I’m not building it directly on my server and I’d rather avoid it since I’m not a Linux expert.

Does anyone have ideas that I could try?

Thank you,


Two options here : either server is too small or systemclt has set hard limitations on the number of thread creation, or something goes wrong and creates tons of thread (normally not the case).
Can you detail the VM a bit more ? architecture, cpu, ram, etc…

Thanks for the reply. It’s a V-server.
Here is the output of lscpu:

    CPU Operationsmodus:     32-bit, 64-bit
    Byte-Reihenfolge:        Little Endian
    CPU(s):                  8
    Liste der Online-CPU(s): 0-7
    Thread(s) pro Kern:      1
    Kern(e) pro Socket:      8
    Sockel:                  1
    Anbieterkennung:         GenuineIntel
    Prozessorfamilie:        6
    Modell:                  62
    Modellname:              Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v2 @ 2.80GHz
    Stepping:                4
    CPU MHz:                 1999.853
    BogoMIPS:                5600.17
    Virtualisierung:         VT-x
    Hypervisor-Anbieter:     Parallels
    Virtualisierungstyp:     Container
    L1d Cache:               32K
    L1i Cache:               32K
    L2 Cache:                256K
    L3 Cache:                25600K

It’s got 32GB of RAM allocated and the hard limit for open files is 1048576. Is there any other info you’d like?


This error line also seemed suspicious, I assume it’s related to the other problem? If I understand it correctly it’s the Cells launcher not able to create enough processes
Could not start process {"error": "fork/exec ./cells: resource temporarily unavailable"}


does anybody have any ideas? I’ve reinstalled Ubuntu clean and am having the same problem. I also tried to add the lines

@pydio           soft    nproc           8192
@pydio           soft    nofiles         8192

to /etc/security/limits.conf . The username I’d like to run Pydio from is called pydio and it’s in the group pydio. I’d really appreciate some help.
I added into /etc/systemd/system.conf :




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