Pydio Cells not initialized

I followed the full tutorial from this link:
Even when I got to the Let’s Encrypt part and it didn’t work.
I added a no-ip dns to check if that would be the problem, but it continues.
When I don’t create a site and leave it at the default IP:8080 configuration, I can log in normally but I can’t create folders or anything like that.
It gives the error unsuccessful http response.
I tried to add a private ip and I couldn’t add it either.
Exist a error:
2022-05-07T20:08:51.941Z ERROR pydio.grpc.docstore Could not run {“error”: “timeout”}

I would be happy if I could make it work even on port 8080 without the need for that site.

So, how can I fix the unsuccessful http response problem or the not starting problem?

Hello @Sandson_Costa and welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear that you have issues installing Cells wheras it should be straightforward and easy.
Could you please give more details about you installation (OS, Cells and Mysql versions; network configuration).
There also must be some more infos in the logs both at installation and start time, they should help to diagnose.

And finally, did you follow the tutorial step by step ? Did you perform the “verification” steps as you went ?

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