Unable to start self-compiled cells binary

Hello, i generated a cells file from github and it’s working fine on debian 10 LTS machine but when i change to ubuntu server 20.04 LTS i got these errors

Hello @Mohamed_Achref_Souil,

Did you use the same binary for Cells (check with ./cells version) if you used the binary from GitHub and then used the binary built on our site the versions differ, and it might cause the issue?

Also, did you do a fresh install (by cleaning the database and removing everything under ~/.config/pydio) this might also be an issue.

If you compile the source and run locally (with a $GOPATH) it will work as it will detect the files that are located on the filesystem. But if you want to build a proper binary for distribution, you must first run the “packr” command to embed files inside the binary.
FYI this will be solved in the next major (we’re on it) that will use go:embed instead of packr.

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