Cgo/pthread_create error after installation

Sorry for reopening locked wounds but the problem is still there. After a long break I’m back to trying to get this running. I’ve reinstalled the OS, followed the installation instructions exactly and this problem is still there.
Does anybody have any ideas?


that’s quite unexpected. My workstation is an Ubuntu 18 and have installed Cells a few hundred times lately so i’m quite confident it works :slight_smile:

To be honnest, I would rather not have to go through the whole old thread.

Could we start again from the beginning with the latest version ?

If you give some details on OS, DB and the errors you encounter we should be able to solve your issue and have you up and running in no time. Thx.


thanks for the response, I reinstalled Ubuntu from scratch, installed it and am running Cells as a service. I guess that the issue I described here solved itself during the reinstall. I’ll open a new subject for my new problem.



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