Cannot Edit Administrator Account/Can't View Workspaces

I cannot edit my administrator account in Pydio. I noticed that Workspaces would suddenly vanish from my listings. Or trying to enter one would throw up an error message, even though the folders still showed up in my history. So I discovered all of my permissions weren’t toggled on for my account.

Here’s the thing. They won’t stay checked. I save and I get BOTH a confirmation message and an error message. (See image. There’s a confirmation message behind the server error message.) pydio server error
And my settings for my account seem to be randomly changing on their own. Different checkboxes will be checked each time I reopen it. And sometimes my Full Name and email address will be stripped out. If I add my name and address back, multiple boxes get unchecked. It’s almost like one squeezes the other out, like they’re fighting for room. I’m currently checking with my host to see if I’ve triggered a mod_security rule, but I’m waiting on their reply. Do you have any idea what would cause this behavior?

I believe we’re on a WIndows server. I never have actually asked before. I’m using Win 10 via Chrome. Oh, and my logs didn’t seem to list any errors.

If it’s of any help to anyone, I was having a host of problems with my account. It appears that the issue stems from the account created during install. In my case, that account was created by Softaculous. Apparently you’re not supposed to create accounts with spaces in your name. At the very least, I got a warning when I tried to create a second admin account with spaces. However, Softaculous created my account with a space just fine. This resulted in errors like profile pictures being broken, my account being unable to change settings and just general, all around sluggishness of the site. Creating a new account with no space fixed that issue. I’m keeping the old one and testing to see if I can change the name later to verify if that was the issue.

I did make one additional change to the server which may have helped. I didn’t realize I had the ability to toggle PHP 7 on. So that change was made within minutes of these as well.