Broken Profile Image

Trying to upload my profile picture, and I get a broken image each time. It’s not especially large, 300 x 300. I also can’t quite figure how the Gravatar plugin works. Granted, I discovered Pydio, like, Monday. So I’m probably missing something. Do I need a smaller image? Different file format? Thanks! digital-jedis-profile-pic-300x300

If it’s of any help to anyone, I was having a host of problems with my account. It appears that the issue stems from the account created during install. In my case, that account was created by Softaculous. Apparently you’re not supposed to create accounts with spaces in your name. At the very least, I got a warning when I tried to create a second admin account with spaces. However, Softaculous created my account with a space just fine. This resulted in errors like profile pictures being broken, my account being unable to change settings and just general, all around sluggishness of the site. Creating a new account with no space fixed that issue. I’m keeping the old one and testing to see if I can change the name later to verify if that was the issue.