Cannot download more than one file at same time

after upgrading from 7.0.3 to 8.2.1, running on Windows Server 2012 + IIS8 + PHP7.0.13, I cannot download a folder or more than 2 files at the same time (creating a zip file automatically). This is the log

08-20-18 09:03:53 INFO 9417e522bbd5 access.fs Download files=ejemplo-de-comparticion-en-modo-repositorio/Ejemplo de archivo 1.txt,ejemplo-de-comparticion-en-modo-repositorio/Ejemplo de archivo 2.txt,ejemplo-de-comparticion-en-modo-repositorio/Sample.mp4,ejemplo-de-comparticion-en-modo-repositorio/Sample.txt
08-20-18 09:03:53 ERROR 9417e522bbd5 UrlUtils.php error l.55 message=Malformed URL: E://9417e522bbd5@/DatosUsuarios/userid/Ejemplo de comparticion en modo repositorio/Ejemplo de archivo 1.txt

Any help?
@charles or @c12simple If you need more information please tell me.



Does 7.0.3 work with this workspace which connecting to E://9417e522bbd5@/DatosUsuarios/userid/Ejemplo de comparticion en modo repositorio ?

Could you please turn on dev mode in your chrome and analyse the return of download folder request !!

Hi @c12simple,
thanks for your reply.

I cannot try it using 7.0.3 because it was upgraded to 8.2.1 (this machine). The problem is not only with this folder; it happens everywhere. Before upgrading it was running fine.

I’ve enabled dev tools and analyzed the return trying to download other folder. Here it is :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><\tree><\message type="ERROR">Malformed URL: E://id3727@/DatosUsuarios/id3727/Carpeta1<\/message><\/tree>

(I added the backslash char because the post didn’t show the tree and message tags without them. Remove it from the string to get the real text)

I’m not developer, so I hope it is what you requested.
What more can I do?


Could you please post the config of this workspace. (screenshot is ok)

Hi again @c12simple

It is defined on the conf/bootstrap_repositories.php file.

Here you can find it: bootstrap_repositories.php


Could you please try to modify the path by replacing / by

Although I’ve changed it, in the config still appears as before. Obviosly, I’ve restarted de ‘IIS Admin service’ and ‘WWW Publishing service’

The other image (I couldn’t post them together)


Hi again @c12simple,

do you know what else can I do? If you or @charles need something else please let me know. Is possible is a bug running on Windows?


Please see my comment here if you need a quick fix:

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