Authentication page blinking


We use Pydio Cells Enterprise Distribution 2.2.12.

This issue is not blocking, just annoying. It’s about front behaviour during authentication.

We delete the local authentication (in pydio.json). We have just one connector OpenID to authenticate on our Pydio.

When we authenticate via OpenID, pydio go through twice on url callback and finally user arrive on the home page.So there are a “page blinking” not very pleasant.

If we don’t delete the local authentication (So we have two authentication method, local and OpenID) , then we don’t have this behaviour.

Many thanks,

Hi Antoine,

Thanks for the return. This is something we are aware of and that we will try to improve in the future but unfortunately it is heavily linked to the way OpenID works.

OpenID requires redirections to urls outside of the Cells environment. If the page is not returning fast enough or Cells takes a bit more time to load, and the browser won’t be able to make a smooth transition and you will see this flickering. Some softwares use iFrames to leverage that problem but that also mean that some systems can’t work properly as they don’t allow iframes for this kind of authentication due to security reasons. We’ve taken the approach of making sure most OpenID authentication would work straight out of the box instead of improving that display annoyance.

But definitely something we’ll try to attenuate somehow.


Thanks for the reactivity.

Like I said, it’s not blocking. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the explication.

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