Administrator blocked

How can I unblock the admin? Only through the database?

Pydio Cells Home Edition 2.0.3
Centos 7
HDD 50 GB (20 GB used)
Processor - 2 Cores

And immediately there was a question. Where to edit the database to unblock the administrator (any user)?

Hello @Sophist,

In Cells Home 3.0.7, you can unlock users from the command line as follows:

cells admin user unlock -u <username>

I’m not sure whether it’s relevant for an older version though.

Hi @rotaru!
Unfortunately I have Pydio Cells Home Edition version 2.0.3.

Ok @Sophist,

I just checked with 2.0.3, the command is almost the same and even shorter. Please try:

cells user unlock -u admin007

Command not found:

That’s probably because the directory where you installed Cells is not listed in $PATH variable.

Try invoking the command with an absolute path to the cells binary:

/abs/path/to/cells user unlock -u admin007

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Hallelujah! @rotaru, you are a great shaman! :smiley:
Thank you so much!

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