Workspace users

Pydio version 8 on FreeBSD server

When a user is logged in and clicks on a workspace they see the incorrect number of users on the right side of the page.

It is showing 5 when there are only 3. Does that include Unix permissions?

What is the best way to check workspace permissions without opening every single user in the admin page?


what you could do is a role that has the rights that you wish for your workspaces and give this role to the users that you want, you will have an easier management of rights for your workspaces.

As for the checking part if you create role there will be inheritage of rights so it should help you manage that.

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it’s a valid point and one that needs resolving. we have users that know that X number should have access to a workspace and they constantly see the wrong number of users. it is a sort of self-servicing vetting and they can’t trust what they see. It creates confusion.

I agree. How do we resolve this? This is particularly important for workspaces that are supposed to have a very narrow distribution.

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