Webdav Access to Cells?

I have tried to connect several webdav clients to a “naked” Cells container, meaning only the http port it exposes. According to the documentation (for Cells) I should use http://server:port/dav or http://server:port/dav, but nothing works so far. Apparently the clients don’t think this is a Webdav resource.

When I enter the Url into a browser, it will just load the default Web client with nothing special in the headers indicating this could be a WebDav endpoint.

Is Webdav support (or any other form of Desktop Client) still very far down the Roadmap?

could you try url:/dav/ with the /after dav on the browser.

edit: i just realized you were on a container, yeah it could be a port issue, usually webdav used the http ports.

edit2: i think that with docker it does not work, i’m asking the devs if they have an idea.( maybe there is a specific setting to modify)

I already tried with various amounts of slashes.

for the moment on docker the webdav should not be used.

Good to know… Any chance there will be an experimental Sync Client soon?

Another thing: Will it be possible to customize authentication, like in Pydio v8? There is a dex process running and it has a mysql table with connectors, so could it be connected to another OIDC provider?


there will be a version when we are sure about it,

i don’t know myself but the devs might know about it, i’ll ask around.

@zayn Is the reccomendation still not to use the webdav server on the docker version?

Thank you so much for your great work!

Hi, @valmar
for the moment no, but this is going to be on the next release .