WebDav Error 401 1and1 Server

Hello to everything
I have installed Pydio 8.0.2 on a 1and1server , the installation is done without problems but gives two warning, one of PHP Command Line and one of OpCache, I use PHP 7.0, in general I work almost everything except WebDav
I have tried several combinations with the options “Enable for all users”, “Force Basic Authentication”, “Access from the Browser” with the same result, as clients Cyberduck, W10, Firefox and Chrome, WebDab runs and when I connect I jump the login screen so there are no problems with the redirect. I have also tried with a clean installation of pydio
In the documentation I read that you can have a dedicated password for webdav, I want to test it in case it was some problem with the password store but I have not found a way to change the TRANSMIT_CLEAR_PASS parameter
I appreciate all the help, thank you very much

Rereading the documentation there is a section in which it indicates that when users activate the webdav option from their GUI, the system has to ask them to create a password. it’s strange


i’ve reproduced what you had with (Nginx/1.10.3 / PHP 7.0.22 )and i do not have the warnings as for the system asking for a password when you’re create a webdav there is no such option.
For OpCache do you have it enabled and if so could you check it by using php -i | grep "opcache.enable
it should look like this opcache.enable => On => On.