Using a pydio shortcut URL

I’m trying to use a pydio generated shortcut or URL. Using a new browser and not logged into pydio, I am finding that the browser doesn’t show the correct folder or file. For example, Setup Guide.docx

Using the above URL, the user would log in and then redirected the following URL:

If the user pastes the URL into the browser after the user logs into pydio, then the user is redirected to:

where the file is listed.

  1. How can I get the redirect to work properly when the user hasn’t logged in yet?

  2. With a URL to a file, why isn’t a download to the browser initiated? Can it be configured to do so?

Pydio 8.0.1
PHP 5.6.31
Apache 2.2

This “shortcut” link is a pretty simple one. If you want a direct download, you should better use public links.

My problem with public links is that I want to keep the document/file secure. If I’m writing an email and referencing a document using the pydio url, the user (if allowed to access) should be able to download it directly. When the user clicks on the link and isn’t logged into Pydio, the user is prompted to log in and the login takes the user to their private workspace. Instead, the login (once authenticated) should redirect back to the requesting URL, overriding the default behavior of going to the user’s workspace.

There is a simple webdav access point to direct download files shared with a public link, that what you should use. Look in the action.share plugin settings, for the “Display Direct Download Link”.