Upload problem with Cells

Hi everyone.
When I load a folder, for example with 10 photos, at least one fails, showing the error: undefined
If I load that photo (or file) again, there are no problems. This always happens when loading a folder with any type of file.
What could be happening?
This only happens to me now with Cells, before with version 8 I never had a similar problem. I have tested with Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera from macOS, and always with the same problem. I also tried Firefox in Windows 7, and it’s the same …
Thanks you.

The server is running Pydio Cells Home Edition 1.0.1 on Centos 7.

as i can i see on the screen capture there’s a space in the files name Drinklover Logo therefore this could the the issue, try to rename the file without a space and redo the upload.

The same thing happens without the space in the name of the folder. In fact, it’s not a file problem, because if I upload it again, it does not always fail, only one or two inside a folder fails, and It’s random.
In another test, I uploaded a folder called TestFolder and inside it there were 36 photos (without spaces in the names, jpg format). Only one failed, and when manually uploaded again, there were no problems.
Attached is a screenshot of the last failure.
Thank you.

I did 3 more tests with the same files and same folder.
Renowned using numbers and letters, 3 of them failed.
Renowned using only letters, 3 of them failed.
Renowned using only numbers, 4 of them failed.
It is totally random.

could you recreate the error and take a look at the logs in .config/pydio/cells/logs/ and then show me some of the errors in the .log file.

I recreated the error, but in the file caddy_errors.log there is nothing new. That’s the only file in the folder.

ok, so there is no pydio.log could you show me this caddy error file so that i can get a glance at what’s happening with your pydio cells.

The last thing that appears in the file is this (I think that is the PydioSync error):

22/Jun/2018:12:26:49 -0400 [ERROR 0 /index.php] PHP message: Exception while logging
PHP message: Log message was : IP => | user => afro | level => Error | source => AuthService l.171 | prefix => Disconnect | message => Api Exception when trying to revoke token[401] Error connecting to the API (https://cloud.afro.cl:4443/a/auth/token/revoke)
PHP message: Exception is:[401] Error connecting to the API (https://cloud.afro.cl:4443/a/frontend/frontlogs)
PHP message: In /home/pydio/.config/pydio/cells/static/pydio/core/src/pydio/Swagger/ApiClient.php line 287
PHP message: #0 /home/pydio/.config/pydio/cells/static/pydio/core/src/pydio/Swagger/Api/FrontendServiceApi.php(221): Swagger\Client\ApiClient->callApi(’/frontend/front…’, ‘PUT’, Array, ‘{“Level”:"ERROR…’, Array, ‘\Swagger\Client…’, ‘/frontend/front…’)
#1 /home/pydio/.config/pydio/cells/static/pydio/core/src/pydio/Swagger/Api/FrontendServiceApi.php(169): Swagger\Client\Api\FrontendServiceApi->frontLogWithHttpInfo(Object(Swagger\Client\Model\RestFrontLogMessage))
#2 /home/pydio/.config/pydio/cells/static/pydio/plugins/log.pydio/PydioLogDriver.php(62): Swagger\Client\Api\FrontendServiceApi->frontLog(Object(Swagger\Client\Model\RestFrontLogMessage))
#3 /home/pydio/.config/pydio/cells/static/pydio/plugins/core.log/Logger.php(126): Pydio\Log\Implementation\PydioLogDriver->write2(‘Error’, ‘’, ‘afro’, ‘a59d8f58-7323-1…’, ‘AuthService l.1…’, ‘Disconnect’, ‘Api Exception w…’, Array)
#4 /home/pydio/.config/pydio/cells/static/pydio/plugins/core.log/Logger.php(229): Pydio\Log\Core\Logger::l…

i’ve reproduced your case and the 1st time i had the error but after clearing the plugins cache it seems to have disappeared i also restarted my cells afterwards.

I cleared the plugins cache, but now I cannot upload anything. When I try to upload something, the following error comes: “You are not allowed to upload files here”
I even reloaded Cells, but now I cannot upload anything.

Where is you datasource located ? is it created with a folder on your local machine ?

If yes it might be a rights issue.

Yes, the datasource personal is located under /home/pydio/.config/pydio/cells/data/personal
How can I fix the rights?

could you do a ls -l of that folder and also is the user launching cells the same as where it’s located what i mean is then /home is from the same user.