ERR: Upload failed: undefined

Any file upload by any users generates this error.
Here is the error text:

What could be the problem?
Only recently everything worked fine.

Pydio Cells Home Edition 2.0.3
Centos 7
HDD 50 GB (20 GB used)
Processor - 2 Cores

I apologize for the false alarm. I freed up disk space, rebooted and everything worked fine.


you must have one service at least that is down.
The quick and dirty fix is most probably to restart the app.

If you want to find a more sustainable solution, you should have a look at the log (by default in $CELLS_WORKING_DIR/logs/pydio.log or in the web UI) to find the root cause and address it.

Side note: you have a (very) old version You should really update, at least to version 2.2.12 if you do want to upgrade to v3, but I would recommand latest version.

Now everything works without problems. Thanks for the information.

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