Migration difficulties


I have migrated from pydio8 to pydio cells in a docker environment. This was quite a struggle, but enventually succeeded in :

  • Setting up pydio (and persist the docker volumes across updates and reboot) in a docker with apache reverse proxy
  • Import all my files in a non flat storage
  • Migrate all my users and workspaces to the new cells environment

But there a still a few things not working.

Some file will not upload to some workspaces, despite being admin and having all rights to all workspaces.
I could find a log stating 403 in task.log, but : - - [13/Dec/2021:18:09:43 +0000] "PUT /io/somets/220147-DEM200-11%20-%20Ind%20C%20(Simu)%20%C3%89tude%20fr%C3%A9quentiel%20tube2.zip?AWSAccessKeyId=gateway&Content-Type=application%2Foctet-stream&Expires=1639419883&Signature=bpsaIILl3VsEIyvFglJV5%2FpC4NA%3D HTTP/1.1" 403 376

but have no clue as to why there is an access denied error.

I can upload other files to that ts. I cannot upload this file to any other ts.

The upload windows starts the upload the progress bar progresses right, then back left, then right again, and fails with error message : “Undefined”.

I am a little lost as to where I should look to figure what is not happening properly.

As an additional information, I had configured 1 workspace for our company, and all customer workspaces below. THis allowed easy access to all customer for all coworkers without having to update access rigths. Is this possible in cells? Is there a better way to achieve this kind of ritghs management?

Thank you,

well well, I have found the source of the problem: Spaces . But I can hardly believing that having spaces in a file name breaks the upload!

This used to work fine in pydio 8. Is there a flag/options I missed somewhere?

Ok still replying to myself.

This : Fail loading PDF Files - #29 by ghecquet is the answer.
You need nocanon as an option when using apache reverse proxy. This information is missing from the reverse proxy with apache documentation/sample.


Thx for sharing ! It helped me a lot!

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