Upload box not drawing properly after disabling remote upload

I’m running Pydio 8.0.1 in Ubuntu 16.04, PHP 7

I’ve disabled the remote upload feature and now when a user clicks on the upload file button in the workspace, it’s not drawing the dialog properly. the entire right side of the popup is white/blank…

I’ve included a pic of my issue here

I’m seeing the same issue on multiple browsers.

your issue seems weird as i did the same thing and did not have the issue, you could try to refresh your browser’s cache and the plugins cache too.

Thank you for your response, zayn.
Unfortunately it appears that this isn’t a specific cache issue. The problem actually carries over multiple devices and browser. (example, I see the same thing no matter what PC browser I use, what user I use… I even see the issue when visiting the site with my Android phone.)