Can Pydio cells 2.0 install on IIS?

I use IIS on windows server 2012
php and mysql was installed this machine
Can I install cells on it?

Hello @bcgcj,

You should be able to run Cells on your server, if you meet the requirements:

  • Mysql 5.7 or Mariadb 10.3 minimum.
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 2 Cores CPU

Some additional information to help you understand:

  • Cells only needs a database to run.
  • Cells has its own embedded WebServer so you do not need IIS
  • Cells does not require php.
  • If you want keep IIS running (other app),then you can for instance use it as a reverse proxy for Cells.

If you need more informations do not hesitate to post.


Thanks, zayn

it’s enough for minimum requirements.
and I install Mysql 8.0
but when I start cells, some errors were occurred and freezed on loading page

Could you give me the following info:

  • Are you using a reverse proxy?

Also do you have the logs available somewhere.