Unable to use the "Force a password change" feature


I’m doing some testings with Cells on a pre-prod server and it looks like there is a serious bug with the “Change your password screen” :
Once I type a new password and confirm it, I can’t validate my choice, the OK button refusing to respond.
I tried with Firefox 74 64bits, Brave (latest built too) and Edge. With Edge the problem is even worth as I can’t even type anything, having just a frame with password in it.

Hello @aDes,

Could you tell on which screen do you attempt to change the password ? (on the Cells console or the home page ).

Also what is your Cells version.

Hi @zayn,

It’s on the home page, and it was with the 2.0.4 free version. I updated to the 2.0.5 a few minutes ago and the problem is still there.

I did a few more tests (Using only Brave) and it works fine with a standard user, the problems concerns only a shared one.