Unable to login: dibi is not connected to database

Hi, I’m trying to start with Pydio, and can’t get past login screen.

Correct password is not accepted, I get a notification “dibi is not connected to database”

Pydio 8 community edition
Fresh installation on debian
Apache, php7.0, mysql

Thanks in advance,

when you were installing Pydio and when you had to enter the database informations did you test the connection between Pydio and the database and if so, what was the diagnostic.

Well, it’s strange that you ask this - because I couldn’t finish installation without successfully connecting to db.
But on the other hand, it was weird that during installation I couldn’t connect at first attempts.
For some reason, creating a dedicated db user helped.

it’s weird, before installing Pydio did you create a database, grant the permissions and then install Pydio and put the right DB server DB name and DB user and of course the DB password.

True. However, reinstalled pydio completely, and this time it went fluently. No idea what was the problem - but thank you zayn for your kind attention!

Glad i could be of assistance if i may advise you one last time make sure to give the access rights to the user that you’re giving to Pydio.

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