Dibi is not connected to database


I was trying to assign a new user in MySQL for pydio purposes.
I have changed the configuration in data/plugins/boot.conf/bootstrap.json.

First I got this error:
You may have switch to an SQL-based plugin without defining a connexion

Then i cleaned cache and now i have Pydio saying “Dibi is not connected to database”

I am baffled on the fact this is a problem.
What can i do to make it working again with whatever user.


you can find the sql configuration inside bootstrap.json file located in /var/www/pydio/data/plugins/boot.conf/
there is also a bootstrap.json.bak incase.

Well, that’s the thing. It stopped working when i edited this file you mentioned. And even if I revert back to previously working password, i get Dibi…

try to clear the pydio cache, rm -rf /var/www/pydio/data/cache/plugins_* just to be sure about the issue, clear your browsers cache also.