Store sort order of repo per user

Is it possible to store the sort order of the repository for every user?
At the moment the repo is sorted alphabetically. It would be nice if is sorted by the last used sort order of the user. Manually changing the order is working well.

when you say sorting per user do you mean that you choose a sorting order and then every user will have this one displayed to them ?

Ehm, no. As far as I know, this behaviour can be done by using the preferences of the repo, choosen by the administrator.

I want each user to choose his sort order, which will be stored and reused on the next login. In the end not only for the full repo but for each single directory in it, if possible.

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yes exaclty you can choose the displaying and sorting for a workspace as seen in the following screen.
As for each user owns sorting i’m looking on it and i will give you more infos.