Import users, passwords, AND emails/names

Hi everyone, my first post on this forum and I am excited to have found pydio!

My website has two parts, a static public side and then a member access side for viewing database information (mysql).

On top of this I am trying(and have succeeded) in implementing this member side cloud service as well.

Currently I have pydio pulling the usernames/passwords from a different databases user table (the same host however) and putting them into its own table so that when the user tries to login, they can. Eventually id like to make it so that the website login is the only login case needed, but for now this setup achieves the required affect.

Now my frustration, and question, is that on the database that is not pydios I have other tables with different things like first names, last names, and emails. But I am unable to figure out how to migrate that information over to where ever pydio stores this user data.

I have gone through the pydio database several times and not found any tables containing names and emails.

Also I have resorted to trying to pick out the code that actually handles that information and see where it passes it, but I have been having no luck with that as well.

If anyone has any information on this, or even can point me in the right location of where the information like a users email and name is stored, I am certain I can sort it out from there.


Currently these infos are stored in the “personal role” of each user, as a parameter of plugin core.conf. Not very intuitive indeed :wink:
If you have automated the users creation using php, after you create a user, load its Role (using RoleService class) and assign it parameters “displayName” and “email” using
$role->setParameterValue("core.conf", "displayName", "VALUE", PYDIO_REPO_SCOPE_ALL);
then save the role using RoleService::updateRole() method.