specify the smb version (smbclient option) by workspace

hi everyone,
we use pydio to access to our multiple shared folders and it work fine with the common samba configuration.
But recently, we change 2 of them, configured with smb v3, and we can’t access with the default configuration. If I set, in the smbclient command, the version of smb to use (here v3), it works.
Is it possible, in the actual pydio configuration, to set a version smb version different and specific FOR EACH workspace ?
Thanks in advance for your answers.

Can you try to specify smb version in /etc/samba/smb.conf (on Pydio machine)

thanks for your answer c12simple,
i have already make some tests by adding the lines min protocol or/and max protocol in the global section of the smb.conf but it doesn’t work fine (download and upload).
In my case, i must specify the smb 2_11 protocole for some share, and smb v3_11 for some others in the smbclient command’s to make them full workeable (download AND upload).
i can generate and upload some debug files if necessary.
Thanks in advance