[solved] How does "Custom HTML header" works?


I am currently working around Cells to check if and how I can had a message when users gon on to remind them some good practices.
I came accross a paramater that may fill my need : “Custom HTML header” but nothing I tried seemed to have an effect whatsoever, and I couldn’t find a description on how it works or what it’s supposed to do on the website.

I would greatly appreciate if someone can help me

A. Desombre

Hello @aDes and welcome in our forum.

FYI, the custom HTML header provides a mean to add meta-data in the header of the final HTML page that is returned to the end-user. This information is purely technical and will be used by the end-user browser, not displayed. => it is not the same thing as a header in a word document by instance.

In the Home edition, there is otherwise no mean to do what you try to achieve (if I understood your use case correctly).
On the other side, in the Enterprise Distribution, you can for instance add a disclaimer that the users will see when they first login.

Hello @bsinou,

I came to the same conclusion about this setting, but thanks for the confirmation.
Concerning the disclaimer, you understood correctly, and even if I don’t think it will be the path taken, it’s good to know this possibility exist.